Meet us

Our candles have been created based on years of experience in the industry.
The idea was originally born out of love for travel and discovering different parts of Italy.
Join us on these travels through our candles!



We are a family company with over 25 years of experience in the production of candles. This experience has resulted in a deep knowledge of candle technology and the market that, combined with our professionalism and, above all, our passion for creating, led us to start the production of our own scented candles.


The sights and scents of Italy are our passion and we have visited regularly for years. The richness of the smells, colors and flavors of the south has inspired us to create a unique range of scented candles. We want you to join us on a journey into the land of southern fragrances! We also draw inspiration from other parts of the world, which is why you will also find aromas of tropical islands and the Far Orient in our collection.


We are dedicated to ensuring a high level of quality in our candles. That’s why we use natural ingredients that do not cause the release of harmful substances and are safe to use.