Our scented candles

Paolo Argento® scented candles are created with attention to even the smallest detail
and the natural environment. Their quality is derived from five main elements:



Our carefully selected fragrances are inspired by our passion for travel. Each of them is a combination of several fragrance notes that will transport you to the farthest corners of the world, starting with the beautiful regions of Italy and the Far East.


We use natural wooden wicks in our candles, free from chemical substances. They burn with a small and sparkling flame reminiscent of the sound of burning wood in a fireplace, adding a classic auditory touch to the experience.


For the production of our candles, we use only the best delicate soy wax, which has many advantages:
• It does not emit any toxic substances when burned.
• It is a natural raw material, produced from good quality soybeans, with no pesticides or other harmful ingredients, so it is guaranteed to be natural and safe.
• It burns with a delicate flame without causing harsh light and its burning time is longer than with ordinary paraffin candles.


High-quality glass means that our products will not only look elegant in your home, but will also make an ideal gift.


The original lid is elegantly detailed for candles from the Lusso line. It is made of high quality materials and can also be used as a stand for burning candles.