VERDE MENTA CASUAL Cilindro Soy Candle

Mint, Lime

  • Świeca sojowa VERDE MENTA CASUAL Cilindro

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Burning time
40 - 50 h
98 mm
190 gr
Mint, Lime
Main features
Natural soy wax, wooden wick, glass
Waste management cost (included in the price)

Green tea has a calming effect, and its delicate aroma will allow you to relax. We’ve enriched the delicate scent of tea with a citrus note of orange, lime and mint, which adds its intensity. Get ready for a quiet evening in the company of a stimulating fragrance that will soothe your senses and energize you for the challenges ahead.


Inspiration: China


Top notes: orange, bergamot, lime, mint

Middle notes: green tea, fennel, cumin, clove

Base notes: jasmine, musk, amber, oakmoss

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